1. Group work: amino acid models and view animations. Build the models of glycine (one side of table) and alanine (other side of table) FIRST! Then,
a. All : view this animation- watch both carbs and amino acids. Watch the protein, lipid and carb ones at this site. (scroll down slightly to see the links for them- click on the round play button for each) Discuss and check that all group understands what is happening on these animations.
b. CP:view this animation
c. HC: view this animation Try the questions at the end for a self self quiz.
2. Biochem term review: assign words to each member at your table in a shared doc which will be shared next class
3. Sharing of worksheets: NOTE- go here to help see the color versions of the molecules:
3D pictures of macromolecules
2D Pictures of macromolecules
4. Conduct Protein lab and answer group lab questions(graded)
5. class data submission (if time)