The very first day of class involves an activity w/ sustainability and what it means to live in a “sustainable” world! A mini soil uni follows, and then the class breaks up into groups of 3 or 4 to start work on the “Biosphere Project.” This project will be referenced/refined as students gain more knowledge about specific topics in environmental science.

Please note: Units may not go in the order of this page; order may be modified as the year progresses*

Energy Resources**
Tie-in to Biosphere Theme: How do we “power” the biosphere using both renewable and non-renewable resources?
Book Resources:
Chapter 15—Energy from Organic Fuels
Chapter 16—Nuclear Energy
Chapter 17—Alternative Energy Sources

Tie-in to Biosphere Theme: What different characteristics define the “mini biospheres” of the earth?

Book Resources:
Chapter 18—Minerals and Soils
Chapter 7—Desert and Tundra Biomes
Chapter 8—Grassland Biomes
Chapter 9—Forest Biomes
Chapter 10—Freshwater Biomes
Chapter 11—The Marine Biome

Tie-in to Biosphere Theme: How do the biotic and abiotic factors change in the biosphere?

Book Resources:

Chapter 4—Matter and Energy in the Ecosystem
Chapter 5—Interactions in the Ecosystem
Chapter 6—Ecosystem Balance

Resources and Pollution in the Biosphere
Tie-in to Biosphere Theme: How do we appropriately maintain the abiotic factors of the biosphere?
Book Resources:

Chapter 19—Land/Land Pollution
Chapter 20—Water
Chapter 21—Water Pollution
Chapter 22—Air and Noise Pollution

World Populations
Tie-in to Biosphere Theme: How do humans fit the definition of a population?
Book Resources:

Chapter 12—People and their Needs
Chapter 13—Human Population
Chapter 14—Feeding the World