Still Image

  1. Take a still photo in Motic Images Plus
    1. Find the view you would like to save. High power is best for detail.
      1. Go to: File: Save as.
      2. Save as: lastname.organismname.mix
      3. Save to Desktop
        external image File?id=df6pc3ph_8hm9xsbdj_b
        external image File?id=df6pc3ph_8hm9xsbdj_b
      4. Open the file from Desktop and edit for labels (see below).
    2. Label the power at which this was taken
    3. Measure size on photo on the low power view only. (See instructions below for measuring.)
    4. Label parts of the organism. Use high power if possible. (See instructions below for labeling.)
    5. Print this and attach to your lab.
  2. Complete the other sections on your lab handouts.

Using the measuring tools

  1. Under the tools, choose show tool palette, choose the measure line and click on one end of your organism, drag to the other and release.
    1. A large white box will appear with the actual microns measurement at the top. Record this in your lab.
    2. To label the parts, use the T for text box, which can then be sized to be a small box and moved to the right place, then connect to the body part by the line found on the paint row.
    3. You can brighten the color of your organism by choosing adjust under Image - there are 3 options to play with to enhance your photo and make it easier to see. This is important to do before trying to print it as they will be too dark otherwise.
external image File?id=df6pc3ph_14dr6d3tfv_b
external image File?id=df6pc3ph_14dr6d3tfv_b

Some notes:

  • If you do a measurement, and wish to remove it, click on the arrow, then go to edit and choose undo or delete. Undo also works for actions and will let you go back several steps if wanted, just click undo over and over.
  • You can click on the white measure box and move it with the "hand".
  • You can choose under "measure" to check on the measure table where they will all be listed.
  • Experiment with the various tools and options- let us know if you discover anything cool- we are all just learning how to use this!