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Date(s) Due
Biology Final Exam
Study the review for the final exam.
Period 3: Wednesday June 12th 10:00-11:30

Period 5: Thursday June 13th 10:00-11:30
1. Daphnia Lab Graphs (in class)

2. Daphina Analysis
1. View the lab rubric here. Upload your team's graph here- These graphs are due TODAY IN CLASS as well as the lab sheets filled out in class. This is a group lab grade.
2. Daphnia Analysis due: The group needs to share the work in completing these analysis questions using the graph and observations. Please share this with me (unclick email notify). This analysis is a group lab grade.
Period 5: Wednesday, June 5
Period 3: Thursday, June 6
Evolution Worksheets
Complete Evolution Worksheets using Chap 15 in your text book.
All: June 3rd
Field-Trip Check in Quiz
1. Be prepared for a check-in quiz on field trip.
Period 3: Friday May 31st
Period 5: Monday, June 3rd
Powepoint Notes
Use the provided powerpoint packet to fill in by viewing the slides on the "Part 3 Biodiversity and pollution powerpoint "on the ecology wikipage (scroll down to find it). You will not need the whole powerpoint for the HW but you should view the next slides on threats to biodiversity, stopping at Pollution Threats.
There is a link to 'Hot Spots" to view- scroll down on that page to see that. There is also a link to the "Arctic Seed Vault" to view. There are a few pictures that would not upload- we'll see those in class.
Thursday, May 30th
1 Prelab for the Invasive species research fieldtrip- class activities. See your team here
2. To prepare for doing high quality work while in the field, explore this link: Best Vital signs to see expectations for photos/observations/field notes/sketches
Field Trip Prep Stuffs for Tuesday May 28th.
Review the lab before the fieldtrip and be sure to have the required materials and appropriate clothing! BE ON TIME TUESDAY MORNING!
Tuesday, May 28th
1. Immune System/Disease Quiz
2. Fieldtrip Pre-lab
1. Study the review for the immune system quiz​.
2. Read the prelab for the fieldtripto prepare for the prelab class activity. Read background infoon invasive species.
Period 3: Tuesday, May 21st
Period 5: Thursday, May 23rd
1. Radiobroadcast

2. Greenhouse Effect
3. Permisiion Slips
1. Listen to the Radiobroadcast and answer the questions. Print and be prepared to share. (check grade)
2. Learn more about greenhouse effect and answer the questions. Be prepared to discuss.
3. Return the signed permission slip- they are due!
Period 3: Monday, May 20th
Period 5: Tuesday. May 21st
1. Chapter 2 HW
2. Video Questions
1. Do the and print the Chap 2 HW. (check grade for 10 pts)
2.. View this video on Biodiversity and climate change, then answer these questions- , print and be prepared to share in class (check grade for 7 pts ).
Friday, May 17th
1. Open Note Ning/Graph Quiz
2. Field Trip Permission Form
3. Frog Dissection Intro
1. YOU DON'T HAVE TO STUDY FOR THIS!!! Just know how to navigate/use the Ning.
2. Please bring in signed permission slips for field trip on May 28th
3. Read this Dissection introduction for the frog dissection.
Period 3: Tuesday, May 14th
Period 5: Wednesday, May 15th
1. Disease Ning: Responses
2. Graph
3. Backstory Part 2
1. All responses due to the other 4 categories of your disease. See descriptor for details.
2. Graph due- Please print before you come to class- black and white. See this for details. It is best done in Open Office and then save on a blank document, full page. The data for the graph has been shared with you from an epidemiology group member.
3. Backstory Part 2. See the Ning events details.
Thursday, May 9th--you have until the end of the day (so you can work it on it the night of the 9th as well)
Genetics Exam
1) Review for genetics exam
2) For extra practice try the additional problems in your HW problem packet and then check for answers here. The order of the problems may be different.
Period 3: Monday, May 6th

Period 5: Tuesday, May 7th
Disease Project stuff(s)
Disease project descriptor

Study for Exam!
1. 3 annotated resources posted for disease-follow directions given in class! These will be graded. See the rubric.
2. Take notes on your assigned part of the disease- see product descriptor for more info. These will be shown to the instructor for HW grade. See the rubric.
3. Back story part 1 posted. This will be graded. See the rubric.(COMPLETED IN CLASS FRIDAY!!!)
4. Study for Exam. For extra practice try the additional problems in your HW problem packet and then check for answers here. The order of the problems may be different
For all: Friday, May 3rd
Seedling Lab--finding gentoype based on phenotype!
1. All seedling labs due by end of school day- be sure to complete the extension as well, individual for HC and choice of individual or group for CP.
NOTE: If you were absent for the lab see me immediately about how to get it done- the seedlings will die very soon. Class data can be accessed here.
Period 3: Tuesday April 30th at end of class (class time to finish)

Period 5: Wednesday May 1st
Bloodline Activity
Complete blood line- do the last page hand out of the Keller Pedigree and finish the rules.
NOTE: if you were absent and/or wish to review the details and diagrams, here is a link to the slides. Absentees please see me for a worksheet or create your own for the slides that ask you to do punnet sq., rules, and pedigrees.
Period 3: Monday, April 29th

Period 5: Wednesday, May 1st
1. Dragon Genetics activity

2. Pedigree Worksheet
1. Complete Dragon Genetics w/ a partner or individual
Here is the Scoring rubric for this activity- be sure to be in the exceeds column- note that half the score is in the explanations and use of evidence!

2. Complete Pedigree Worksheet handed out in class
Thursday, April 25th: Note, Dragon Genetics now due Friday April 26th!
Genetics Assignments
1.Do Genetic HW problems, #1-4 Monohybrid; #1 X-linkage;
#1 -3 Blood types; #1 &2 dihybrid.
2. Complete the family "Future children" page through tasting PTC.
3. Review all notes so far on genetic problems.
4. Review the terms at the top of the HW page- see the vocab sheet.
Need more help? go here for a tutorial. Also go to the Genetics wiki page for helpful links and practice problems/tutorials.
Thursday April 11th

Period 5: you are exempt from the dihybrid problems!!! ALSO, make sure you show your work on all problems!
Genetic Engineering Quiz
Prepare for the engineering quiz.
Tuesday, April 9th
Genetic Characteristics
1. Do the survey of traits with parent(s). See these links for colorblindness and the reference for traits.
*#1 Choose: Observable traitsto see a slide show of some of the traits.
*#2 Colorblindness (ishara test)- be honest, only 3 sec. to read each!
*#3 Read PTC genetics and find out the advantage of having the gene to taste bitter things. Be prepared to discuss.
Period 3: Monday, April 8th

Period 5: Tuesday, April 9th
1. Genetic Engineering Reading

2. Cloning Genes

3. Complete Electrophoresis Lab!
1. Read Chap 13.2 DNA technology.

2. Review the steps to clone a gene. Do the Clone a gene activity. When you have completed it, take a screen shot.
3. Watch this video on engineering bacteria to clone genes. Write down at least 5 applications for this technology.
4. Read this article on autism and gene studies. What key technology is being used to discover its cause and genetic connection? (add this answer to the #3 answers)

5. Complete your assigned questions for the group lab. Use this for PCR results.
Period 3: Thursday, April 4th

Period 5: Friday, April 5th
Electrohoresis Lab
Work on assigned questions for lab
Period 5: Wednesday, April 3rd
Electrophoresis Lab

Restriction Enzyme Lab (done in class)
1. Answer questions (Part 2) as a subgroup from electrophoresis lab.
2. Read over "lab" on restriction enzymes
3. Watch the 3 animations linked in the lab to prepare for class.
Period 3 and 5: Monday, April 1
1. Cancer Check-in quiz
2. PCR LAB Click Here for groups
1. Review cancer notes and animations-be prepared for a short check in quiz on cancer.
2. Watch the animation on PCR , then write a 2-3 sentence summary of the process that could explain it to a friend in simple terms.
3. Read over the PCR lab for next class.
Period 3 and 5: Thursday, March 28th
1. Cancer Presentation
1. Work on your assigned task for the group presentation. See the presentation requirements. You will have time in class to finish preparing presentation and organize. See rubric.
Period 3: Monday March 25th
Period 5: Tuesday, March 26th
Research for Cancer Presentation
Do research into assigned carcinogen to bring to your team.
Good resoruces : NIH, WHO, CDC, American Cancer Society, Cancer Community Center, WebMD

a. Take brief notes(bullets are good) on your topic (cause, effects, treatment, when and who gets it, how common) into a googledoc to share with your group. You can split up the research or all do all subtopics.

b. If done on 1 shared document, then color code your contribution- this is a checked HW. Invite me!
Period 3: Thursday, March 14
Period 5: Monday, March 18
1. Cancer readings

2. Cancer videos
1. Read these 3 articles on cancer to prepare for class: Cancer mutation study, Carcinogens, Identifying carcinogens.
2. Watch the Cancer video (Kahn academy) and this one (TED). Jot down key terms associated with cancer and brief definitions. If you missed the one in class or want to review it again, watch it here- why cancer goes amok.
Period 3: Tuesday, March 12
Period 5: Wednesday March 13
Review all notes on DNA/RNA and the test review
Period 3: Friday, March 8
Period 5: Monday March 11
Period 5 HW ONLY!!
Complete Level 6 handed out in class ANDpractice making a protein Take a screen shot when it tells you the protein is completed. HINT: after making mRNA, you will be asked to move the green box to the right place to start- move it to the AUG spot at the beginning. Then you can click and drag amino acids.
PERIOD 5 ONLY! Thursday, March 7th
Cell Energy Exam Make-up
Students may make up exam to an 85%. For CP: lower than a 25.5/30 For HC lower than a 30/35
For all: Friday, March 1
1. Reading
2. Watch animation

3. Make a protein
1. Read p. 336-340 to help review from the protein notes
2. Watch this animation for review:
Visualizing Transcription and translation
3. Practice making a protein Take a screen shot when it tells you the protein is completed. HINT: after making mRNA, you will be asked to move the green box to the right place to start- move it to the AUG spot at the beginning. Then you can click and drag amino acids.
Period 3: Thursday, February 28th
Period 5: Tuesday, March 5th
DNA Replication worksheet
View the following and fill out the worksheets:
CP: view this DNA replication animation and fill out the 2 sided worksheet given in class
HC: view the above and then view the more detailed version of replication and answer the provided worksheet.
Period 3: Tuesday, February 26th
Period 5: Wednesday, February 27th
1. DNA preassessment
2.. Begin Heart Disease unit- see your lab group here
Go HERE for labs and video links

Cell Energy Exam
Study for the exam; NOTE: Extra help session offered by Mrs. Raines after school on Tuesday, February 5th!
Period 3: Monday, February 11th
Period 5: Tuesday, February 12th
Cell Energy Test Review
1. Make your own copy of the Energy Test Reviewand make a study guide with answers.
2. Highlight the items you have questions on /or need help with to answer- you will be working to answer these as a study group.
Period 3: Thursday February 7th
Period 5: Wednesday February 6th
1. Watch summaries
2. Complete interactive w/ a screen shot
3. Complete worksheet
1. Watch this summary of cellular respiration and this more detailed overview of respiration.
2. Do this interactive that compares Photosynthesis and Respiration. Take a screen shot when you get it all correct. Use your text to help if needed.
3. Do the worksheets handed out in class.
Period 3 and 5: Monday February 4th
Photosynthesis quiz
1. Be prepared for a photosynthesis check in quiz- use your photos and and notes and focus on the big picture- reactants, products, where, basic processes
Here are some review games to help you prepare and review! Have fun!
  1. Photosynthesis Review Game
  2. Photosynthesis Review Game #2
  3. Soccer game
Period 3: Friday February 1

Period 5: Thursday January 31
1. Text Reading

2. Excees C in our atmosphere
1. Read pp. 216-228 for a background on photosynthesis- look at the"big picture", not the details! Write 2 questions you still have about the process.
2. Learn about dealing with excess carbon in our atmosphere and answer the questions. These will be a checked grade. Be prepared to discuss.
Period 3: Monday, January 28th

Period 5: Tuesday, January 29th
Check-in enzyme Quiz
A short quiz on enzymes. Review your notes.
Period 3: Thursday, January 24nd
Period 5: Friday, January 25th
Complete analysis questions in Enzyme lab packet
Finish lab questions- refer to the shared data (see below) for your class in order to complete some of the analysis questions.

Period 3 Results
Period 5 Results
Period 3: Tuesday, January 22nd
Period 5: Wednesday, January 23rd
Enzyme pre-lab questions due
Read through your assigned enzyme lab and fill in the pre-lab questions and hypothesis.
For all: Friday, January 18th
Enzyme and Cell energy Readings
Prep enzyme lab
Read Chap 6.2 (p.156-160) and 35.1 (p. 1020-24)
Period 3: Thursday, January 17th
Period 5: Wednesday, January 16th
Cell Division Quiz (Mitosis and Meiosis)
Study for the Cell Division quiz
Period 3: Tuesday, January 15th
Period 5: Monday, January 14th
The Good Gamete Project
Good Gamete project. See project descriptorand see Rubric
Here is a link for a nice overview of Meiosis
Period 3: Friday, January 11th
Period 5B: Thursday, January 10th
1. Start preparing for test
2. Observation organizer
1. Review all notes on Cell division-begin to prepare for test.
2. Complete the reproduction observation organizer: for the meiosis column(you have already made a copy of this)-be prepared to share it in class -please do not share it on line with me-I will just check it in class.
Tuesday, January 8th
Cell Transport Exam
Study for test-see review. Use notes,labs, the class presentations, animations and the cell transport ppt .
here is a Transport jeopardy practice to also help study.
Thursday, December 20th
Sea Urchin Lab
1. Complete the lab for a check grade next class. Answer lab questions and watch videos again as needed. View the slides you may have missed here in the sea urchin archive gallery
and see an urchin complete cytokinesisto create 2 cells and a blastula(ball of cells) spinning.

2. Read 9.3 section.

See link to answers here
Potato Engineering Mission
1 Potato Engineering Mission: Why does a cell need to divide? Class data results
1. Observation Organizer

2. Prep for lab
Sea Urchin lab: For links to the videos see Ques. #3, Ques. #5 and Ques #7
1. View on line videos below and begin an observation organizer:
#1 General Overview of cell cycle and division
#2 Mitosis 3D animation (be sure the sound is on- one of those cool ones!)
#3 Real cell video in mitosis
As you view videos, write your "I notice and I wonder" questions in the organizer.

2. Read in chap 9.2 about mitosis as a prep for lab. Fill in the organizer under just the mitosis column.
Period 3: Thursday, December 13th

Period 5: Tuesday, December 18th
Build the cell membrane
Go to this on line practice to Build a membrane. -you will not successfully build until you are through question 8 of 10--take a screen shot of the page that says congratulations on completing the membrane. You will need the membrane screen shot to study for the test! THEN Continue on to finish all 10 questions.
Period 3: Tuesday, December 11th
Period 5: Wednesday, December 12th
1. Finish your lab questions
2. Presentation of Results

3. Animation/worksheet
1. Finish the lab questions for HW as needed
2. Using the provided template for a group presentation of the lab results (one member make a copy and add your lab title and class after the colon), prepare a BRIEF presentation for the class. Divide the tasks, sharing the document so all can view and edit (be sure to share it with me as well- please uncheck email notification). YOU WILL HAVE CLASS TIME TO WORK ON THIS!!!!
3. View the animations and answer the questions in this worksheet. These will be checked, then discussed in groups. (You may watch animations together during the lab wait times, but answers should be your own) Share your answers with me on line. Please follow the renaming instructions and uncheck the email notification!
Period 3: Tuesday, December 4th

Period 5: Thursday, December 6th----Note: Group Presentations on Monday!
1. Diffusion Analogy

2. Be ready to perform experiment
1. Write an analogy for diffusion using this form and following the examples given in the descriptor on the form: do not repeat those examples in any way!
2. Read the provided lab protocol assigned to your group in preparation for next class. (Pick up the specific hard copy protocol in class before leaving!).
Period 3:
Friday, November 30th
Period 5B: Monday, December 3rd
Chapter 7.4
Read chap 7.4 p.201-205. Write down new terms and definitions you will need to learn for this unit.
Period 3: Thursday, November 29th
Period 5B: Friday, November 30th
Cell Exam
Start studying for the cell test. Use your notes and see the Cell Test Review
See the corrected Venn diagram
and see these Cell Lab corrections documents and review your labs.
Period 5B: Wednesday, November 28
Period 3: Tuesday, November 27
Bacteria/Virus project
Go here to get you assigned organism.
Check this virus wesbite
Check this bacteria website.
See grading sheet to check your work before submission.
Monday, November 19
Biochem Test Make-up
If you got lower than a 38/45, please meet with me to talk about exam and your make-up.
Wednesday, November 14
Cell parts Quiz 2
1. Build cells activity: go to this link, build each cell type and take screen shots of successfully completed ones to show me
2. Bacterial cell tutorial: go here, do the tutorial and then label the bacterium- you must do it making no mistakes before doing the screenshot to show me (it will say you succeeded).
3. Prepare for cell parts quiz #2: Go here to see the list of parts to learn to recognize and there will be a link to two very good on-line practice activities to help you.
Tuesday, Nov. 13
Amoeba/Paramecium labs
Amoeba lab due by end of class 11/6/12. Parmaecium lab due by end of class on Thursday.
Tuesday Nov. 6 and Thursday Nov. 8 #NOTE# Period 5 B due Tuesday at start of class!
1. Do cell parts analogy HW (5 pts)
2. cell quiz (5 pts)
1. Make a copy and share with me

2. Quiz on the organelles covered up to this point--- review notes and lab- recognize the cell part and know if it is in a prokaryote, eukaryote or both and what organelles are shared by all cells.
Period 3: Monday, Nov. 5
Period 5: Tuesday, Nov. 6
1. Open Note Lab Test

2. Biochemistry Exam
1.Look over all labs and data and be prepared for an individual lab assessment, using your notes. Link to food labels is found here. Link to class data is here.

2. Begin to study for the Biochemistry test for next week; see Review

NOTE: Open Help sessions: Tuesday, 2:30, room 500 (Hill) and Wednesday 2:30, room 501(Raines)- you are welcome to either session, it does not matter which teacher you have.
Thursday, October 25

Monday, October 29
1) Cell reading
2) Venn diagram
1) Cells : Read Section 7.2-7.3 (pp 187-200)
2) Complete the Venn Diagram on cells (checked)- suggestion you do it in pencil to allow for corrections later.
Monday, October 29th
1. Protein Worksheets
2. Building Macromolecules
3. Protein/Nucleic Acid Questions
4. Biochemistry vocabulary terms
5. Self Quiz (optional)
1. Protein worksheet and attach diagrams.(checked)
2. Complete for a completion grade theBuilding macromolecules Online Practice HW”
3. If the protein/nucleic acid lab questions did not get done, finish those- You will check in with your group briefly and then hand in for a grade.
4. Fill in any biochemistry terms you were assigned for in the shared document- please color code who did what terms and invite me to view the document.
5. Optional- quiz yourself with this self quiz or interactive chart
Friday, October 19
1. Nucleic Acid Sheets
2. Review
1. Fill in the nucleic acids worksheet and attach nucleotide diagrams.
2. Review the notes/worksheets to date on carbs, lipids and nucleic acids. Note the major differences in structure.
Period 3: Thursday, Oct 18
Period 5: Wed, Oct 17
Carbs/Lipids Check-in Quiz AND carb/lipid diagram sheets done
A short PowerPoint quiz on carbohydrate and lipid structure (the macromolecules we have covered so far). Look over carbohydrates and lipids in section 6.4 of your text book if you need more help on their structures.
Monday, October 15
Looking for Patterns in Organic Molecules
Complete worksheets handed out in class. Make sure you "hold on" to any of the pictures you didn't cut out.
Thursday, October 11
1) Life Test Make-up
2) Honors Challenge
1) If score is below an 85% on the Life Test (below a 27/32), you may retake after a meeting with Mr. Hill. Please plan accordingly with Mr. Hill.
2) Honors Challenge prompt is due!
Thursday, October 11
Chapter 6.4
Read 6.4 and answer this question: How are a beaded necklace, a bicycle chain and brick wall like a macromolecule?
Submit your macromolecule analogy here.
Tuesday, October 9
Chapter 6.1
Read Sections 6.1 (149-155) and 6.3 (161-165) and answer questions at end of each section. Be ready for a homework quiz. Use the CODE: E6F15276ED to access your Online text
Thursday, October 4
Chapter 14
Read Chapter 14 in the text book and look over the abiogenesis and origins notes done in class.
3: Monday, October 1
5: Tuesday, October 2
Life Exam
See the Test reviewand your packet of notes, the biodiversity lab, gallery walk , cricket lab and adaptation activity to help prepare for the test.
Suggestion- see this Jeopardy review gameas a self study- can change the team number and play with a friend or a group or have it be 1 team and challenge yourself!
5B: Friday, September 28
3: Thursday, September 27
Life Test Review
Test prep: study the notes packet, Chap 1 and Chap 17. Complete and submit the test prep/review form by the start of class so other classmates can see your question.
Monday, September 24
The Norns activity
Use the dichotomous Norns key to identify the norns on the handout, Be sure to include genus and species for each, written in the correct format.
5B: Thursday, September 20
3: Friday, September 21
Chapter 17
Use the CODE: E6F15276ED to access your Online text
Chap 17- see this worksheet from the text. You may make a copy for yourself, type in answers and then print or print it and then hand write, but please hand in a hard copy.
Tuesday, September 18
Summer Photo Project
Bring in Photo project. Check out the rubric to make sure you are meeting the standard! Group Gallery Walk questions here.
Friday, September 14
Biodiversity Lab
*Completed lab due next class by end of class: Write up all parts of the lab completed so far (do questions 2 b,e,f,g) and have your own data table (the blue sheet) complete. Bring any questions you have to next class- time will be given to work on identification and share analysis. See the lab instructions in the Biodiversity lab handout. See the pond photos to help in your analysis.
Friday, September 14
Biodiversity Lab
Come up with a hypothesis to answer the pre-lab question on the Biodiversity lab. View photos of the different ponds here.

Monday, September 10

1) Read Course and Grading expectations
READ Basic Bio Info : Go over this handout and the grading method with your parents and both you and they sign the sheet handed out in class. Bring any questions you or your parents have to class.

Monday, September 10

1) Notebook

2) Active Reading

3) Summer Assignment
*Notebook prepared for a check grade:
See the handout titled Biology materials for the notebook sections- have these ready to use, all labeled, for next class.

*Chap 1-Active reading turned in for a check grade:
Use the CODE: E6F15276ED to access your Online text and answer the question worksheethanded out in class- this is designed to help you develop helpful strategies when reading science and introduce you to the life traits.

  • Work on the Summer Photo Project : (Due Friday September 14th)
Bring your project in ready to put up on the wall-you may bring it in anytime up until the due date.
See this document for instructions.
Thursday, September 6