Period 3 Google Classroom code: 5jzialq

Period 5W Google Classroom code: 6vuzw0k

Biome Project
Be ready to present your project to a small group.
Period 3: 5/14/18
Period 5:
Biogeochemical Cycles Open Note Quiz
You may use your GREEN class notes!
Period 3: 3/29/18
Period 5:
Food Web Assignment
See Google Classroom for details
Period 3: 3/16/18
Period 5:
Human Population Open Note Exam
You may use any notes or activities we have done for this unit. Make sure everything is printed, this will not be an open laptop exam!!!
Period 3: 2/16/18
Period 5:
Finish Pop Pyramids
Finish the population pyramids for your three countries.
Period 3: 2/6/18
Period 5:
Finish Predicting Population HW
See Google Classroom
Period 3: 2/2/18
Period 5:
Cornerstone: Impacts of Climate Change
Period 3 Descriptor
Period 5 Decriptor
Grading rubric
Period 3: 1/9/18
Period 5:
Quiz Corrections
1) Give the correct answer
2) Explain why yours is incorrect
Period 3: 12/22/17
Period 5:
Atmosphere Open Note Quiz
A quiz on the atmosphere topics. Notes will be allowed.
Period 3: 12/12/17
Period 5:
El Nino/La Nina Activity
Complete with a partner. See Google classroom for details.
Period 3: 12/8/17
Period 5:
Energy Conservation Assignment
Due at the end of class. See Google classroom for assignment.
Period 3: 11/16/17
Period 5:
Energy Presentation
Energy Presentation needs to be ready for a small group presentation.
Period 3: 11/7/17
Period 5:
Energy Project
Please have research template completed.
Period 3: 11/2/17
Period 5:
Energy in Foods Cornerstone Quiz
Quiz on lab. See practice key in classroom for help.
Period 3: 10/26/17
Period 5:
Energy in Foods Lab
Please have lab completed (see Google classroom)
Period 3: 10/20/17
Period 5:
Energy in Foods Data table and snack food!
Bring a "burnable" snack item and your data table to class so you're ready to perform the lab.
Period 3: 10/13/17
Period 5:
Energy Calculator
HW: Please visit this site. You may need to complete this with a parent!!! Take a screen shot of the calculator that shows the total Kwh usage.
Period 3: 10/12/17
Period 5:
Biosphere III Project
Be ready to present your Biosphere Project to the class. Be sure to check the rubric link in the assignment column.
Period 3: 10/2/17
Period 5:
Biosphere III blue-print
Make a rough-draft blueprint of your Biosphere to bring to the group.
Period 3: 9/25/17
Period 5: 9/26/17
Open Note Soil Quiz
Make sure you have your notes for the quiz!
Period 3: 9/22/17
Period 5: 9/22/17
Soil Report
Make sure your soil report is completed
Period 3: 9/21/17
Period 5: 9/22/17
The Lorax Sequel Brainstorming sheet
Have the sheet filled out and ready to share with your group.
Period 3: 9/8/17
Period 5: 9/12/17
Soil Sample
Please bring in 1/3 of a Ziploc sandwich bag full of soil from a vegetable garden, flower garden, or lawn.
Period 3:9/12/17
Period 5:9/14/17
The Lorax Sequel Final Product
The final product is due!!! Please be ready to share with the class!!!
Period 3: 9/18/17
Period 5: 9/20/17