Period 3 Google Classroom code: skb0me

Period 5 Google Classroom code: 9ptarw3

Date due
Endangered Species Project
Be ready to present your project to the class.
Period 3: 6/12
Period 5: 6/12
Water Pollution Guided Learning
See Google classroom for details and your own copy.
Period 3: 5/23
Period 5: 5/24
Water Usage worksheet
Have water usage worksheet filled out by the beginning of class
Period 3: 5/16
Period 5: 5/16
Biome Project
Be ready to present your biome research to a small group.
Period 3: 5/9
Period 5: 5/10
Complete climatograms for 4 cities and answer analysis and conclusion questions.
Period 3: 5/2
Period 5: 5/2
Ecology 200
or Owl Ecology 200
Choose activities that add up to 200 points
Period 3: 4/28
Period 5: 4/28
Biogeochemical Cycles open note quiz
You may use your notes to complete the quiz.
Period 3: 3/31
Period 5: 3/31
Food Web Assignment
Find also in the Google Classroom
Period 3: 3/23
Period 5: 3/23
Open Note Human Population Quiz Corrections
Make corrections to your quiz. Can make up to a 90%.
Period 3: 3/21
Period 5: 3/21
Open Note Human Population Quiz
You may use your notes and anything done during the unit for this.
Period 3: 2/28
Period 5: 2/27 Activity
Pick a graph to display and be ready to present to the class. Put name and link to graph here.
Period 3: 2/16
Period 5: 2/14
Predicting Population Trends
See Google classroom for assignment.
Period 3: 1/31
Period 5: 1/31
Impacts of Climate Change Cornerstone Assessment
Period 3 Product descriptor
Period 5W Product descriptor

Grading rubric
Period 3: 1/13
Period 5: 1/17
Atmosphere/Weather Open Note Quiz
Open note quiz on the last few weeks activities/notes.
Period 3: 12/16
Period 5: 12/14
Structure of the Atmosphere
Have all parts completed. See google classroom for a copy of the document.
Period 3: 12/1
Period 5: 12/2
Energy Conservation
Have all steps of the Energy Conservation assignment completed by the end of class
Period3: 11/22
Period5: 11/21
Energy Presentation due
Have your presentation ready to present to a small group.
Period3: 11/3
Period5: 11/2
Energy in Foods Cornerstone Assessment
Be able to manipulate some "fake" data and make calculations
Period3: 10/28
Period5: 10/27
Energy in Foods lab
Complete the Energy in Foods lab. This can be found in Google classroom and I would like you to turn it in via Google classroom.
Period3: 10/24
Period5: 10/21
1)Data table for Energy in Foods Lab
2) Bring in a snack food to "burn"
1. Please read over the handout given in class and look at this descriptor for how to set up a data table.

2. Bring in a snack food to burn.
Period3: 10/17
Period5: 10/17
Electricity Inventory
Please visit this __site__. You may need to complete this with a parent!!! Take a screen shot of the calculator that shows the total Kwh usage. Please print a screen shot and bring to class.
Period3: 10/14
Period5: 10/13
Energy WSQ
Complete the WSQ found in Google classroom. Please submit to the classroom to turn it in.
Period3: 10/13
Period5: 10/13
Energy Use List
Complete the list handed out in class
Period3: 10/11
Period5: 10/11
Biosphere III project
Project is due. Please look at grading rubric here.
Period3: 10/4
Period5: 10/5
Open Note Soil Quiz
You may use your soil notes and your data sheets from the soil testing activity.
Period3: 9/29
Period5: 9/29
Soil Report
The Soil Report is due. Refer to the soil handout for help.
Period3: 9/23
Period5: 9/23
Soil Sample
Bring in about half a Ziploc baggie of soil from home. Soil should be from a flower/vegetable garden or the lawn.
Period3: 9/13
Period5: 9/15
The Lorax Sequel
The sequel should be printed out and ready to be read to the class! Please be sure to look at grading rubric handed out in class.
Period3: 9/19