- More obvious benefits of wind energy are cleanliness, safety, and renew ability.
- The fuel that powers wind turbines is free, so the price should not vary from different utility companies.
- Unlike other power sources, wind turbines do not require water, making them ideal for dry or drought-stricken areas.
- Wind power is home grown, this means that the reliance of foreign energy will no longer be an issue!

- Wind speed does not remain constant; in some cases, supply may not meet demand.
- Many ideal locations for a wind farm are far from urban areas, and distribution of energy could pose problems.
- Wind power farms require large stretches of land and are oftentimes seen as “visually polluting”
*Note: Some people consider wind turbines sleek and attractive, embodying a revolutionary concern for the environment.
- Wind turbines can be noisy, acting as an annoyance to local residents.
- Environmentalist are concerned about the effect wind farms have on the migration of birds – many birds have been killed flying into wind turbine blades.

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