The current assignment is in green.

Date due
Endangered Species Report
Please use sign up for your species. First come, first serve.
Vital Signs Data
Data needs to be entered on website.
Vital Signs invasive species
Be ready to go out in field to gather data/evidence
Biome trading card
The Biome Project is due!
Energy Partner Quiz
Be prepared for a quiz on renewables/non-renewables and read this article please.
Renewable Energy Project/Pamphlet
Be prepared w/ pamphlet and ready to talk to your classmates to convince them to "buy" the technology
Energy Primer for the AP student
Please read and complete problems 1,2,3,7 *NOTE* you can google the document and find the answers, but I am looking for your work!
Miller Chapter 13 Twiz
Twiz on Food Resources.
Food Detective
Have the Food Detective work finished. Please share ingredient list with me.
ZPG Letter
Have letter with corrections printed out and ready to send out!
Read Miller Chapter 13
Please have read by this date!
ZPG Project
Complete the Zero Population Growth (ZPG) Project Use this rubric to check your work! Final draft due!

Use this address:
760 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017, U.S.
Human population worksheet
Complete the Population data questions with your group
Read Miller Chapter 9
Please have read by this date!
LD50 lab
Your LD50 lab is due. This will be a group "write-up" which will consist of a Google group presentation to the class. The presentation must include the following slides:
1) Purpose
2) Research w/ MLA citation(s) about harmful effects from your chemical
3) Hypothesis
4) Procedure
5) Results w/ an LD 50 graph
6) Analysis and Conclusion

Check the rubric here!
Irradiated radish seed lab
The Radish seed lab is due.
Radish seed hypothesis and chemical for LD50 study
Please write a hypothesis for the irradiated radish seed lab and have your chemical ready to go fro the LD50 test on rye seeds.
Radium Girls
Please read about the Radium Girls
Read Chapter 18: Environmental Hazards and Human Health
Please read and be ready to discuss
1/26/12 AM
Read Supplement 22: Estimating the
Toxicity of a Chemical and finish the Copper Extraction lab.
Read and finish Part 2 of copper extraction lab. Be ready for a quiz on reading.
1/24/12 AM
Solid/Hazardous Waste Test
40 Multiple Choice and 1 FRQ.
01/20/12 PM
Copper Extraction Lab
Part I of copper extraction lab due. (Questions 1-4)
01/18/12 AM
Miler Chapter 22 and TS 148-170
Please read and be ready to discuss.
01/13/12 AM
Rock Cycle/Plate Tectonics Presentation
We will be going down to YES.
01/11/12 PM
Rock Cycle/Plate Tectonics Presentation
A lesson with third graders. See here for sign up and brainstorming. All materials in and ready to go.
01/09/12 PM
Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes/Volcanoes
See lab descriptor for write up
12/16/11 AM
Miller Chapter 15 and Supplement 11
Please read and be ready to discuss!
12/12/11 AM class
Weathering Lab
See lab descriptor for write up.
12/8/11 AM class
Environmental Journal
Comment on other group members' photos.
12/6/11 PM class
Environmental Journal
Have all pictures/note/ (data) and tags on pictures.
12/2/11 AM class
Read about weathering and soils
Read Miller pages 67-70 and be ready for a quiz.
11/30/11 AM class
Water/Water Pollution Test
Miller Chapters 14 and 21 and Top Shelf Test
11/21 AM class
Wastewater Treatment Lab
Wastewater Treatment lab is due.
11/17 PM class
WQI Lab due
Please complete the Royal River WQI lab.
11/15 PM class
In class survey
Please complete this survey in class. Thanks!
11/4 AM class
Read Miller Chapter 21 and TS 97-146
Please read and be ready to discuss.
10/31 PM class
Read Miller Chapter 14 and TS 94-96
Please read!
AM: Watershed activity to be completed in AM class
10/31 AM class
Read Supplement 10 (S38-S42) and this article
Please read and be ready for a quiz!
10/25 AM class
Chapter 20 Miller and TS 73-93
Please read and be ready to discuss
10/21 AM class
Chapter 19 Miller and TS 16- 72 Twiz
Multiple Choice, identifying reactions and 1 Free Response.
10/19 AM class
Acid Deposition: the Threat from Above Activity due
Type up answers to the four lab questions and two map questions AND complete the US and Canada maps with potential acidification problems.
10/17 AM class
Air Pollution and Everyday Activities
Air Pollution and Everyday Activities lab due.
10/11 AM class
Quiz Corrections
Test Corrections on #1-30 first Quiz due. Find the correct answer and explain why your is wrong. (1/2 pt each)
10/4 AM class
Chapter 19 Miller and TS 16-72
Air Pollution in Everyday Activities pre-lab Problems
Please read and complete pre-lab problems in lab packet.
9/30 AM class
Chapter 1 and TS Quiz
Quiz on Chapter 1 and TS Foundations
9/28 AM class
Environmental Journal
Comment on other group members' photos.
9/26 PM class
Environmental Journal
Have all pictures/note/ (data) tags on pictures. Read TS Foundations Chapter.
9/22 AM class
Environmental Journal
Have pictures uploaded to Flickr.com
9/20 AM class
Chapter 1 Miller
Read Chapter 1 and be able to talk about some of the major themes and terms in the chapter.
9/20 PM class
Tragedy of the Commons Lab
Prepare the T.O.C. lab report.
9/16 PM class
Summer Law Assignment
APES Law assignment is due in class.
Cover Textbook
Summer Assignment
A Walk in the Woods summer assignment is due in class.