The name of the group is "National APES Review". You can tell your students and they can join the group. Let them know that we are all teachers and have day jobs so to be patient waiting for the response. In the evening there is usually a lot of teachers online answering questions, but if they ask a question during the day or late at night they might need to wait!

Also, if you could encourage them to scroll down the page and see if their question has already been asked and answered previously before they post it. A lot of time the kids have the same questions.

Thanks for spreading this to your students and good luck reviewing your kids! It's crunch time!


I wanted to let everyone know that I am building a series of FREE APES review videos on Youtube. I already have almost thirty videos available, and will continue to add videos throughout the coming months. Please share this link with your students to help them prepare for the APES Exam! You can also search "APES in a BOX" to find the videos on Youtube


"140 ways to go APES" (vocab/law review)